Welcome to Pylon Network's demonstration page for the first use case of Pylon's blockchain technology and the bottom-up formation process of its ecosystem.

By completing the following form and inserting the required information, you authorize the upload of your data sharing consent to Pylon's Neutral Data Hub.

Instructions for Spanish Citizens

  • You will need to have your electricity bill and the holder's DNI on hand.
  • CUPS is the "Universal Supply Point Code" that identifies your electricity meter (click on the "More info" icon to find it on your bill).
  • The DNI and the signature must correspond to the person holding the electricity contract.
  • Check your data carefully before clicking on "Save".

Instructions for Non-Spanish Citizens

For non-Spanish citizens we offer the two following CUPS and CIFnumbers that they can use while completing the form, in conjunction with their own information.

  • CUPS: ES0081000000000000XX
  • CIF: 00000000X

What will follow?

Soon after completing the form and authorizing the upload of your demo consent on Pylon Neutral Data Hub, you will receive an email to the address provided.

The email will contain the information you will need to access your own data in Pylon NDH: the hash (unique identification number) of the transaction, your private key (password), and a direct link to Pylon's blockchain explorer.

By clicking on the link, you will be taken directly to the block & hash that contains your (encrypted) data sharing consent.

Use your private key to decrypt it and reveal the information you inserted in the form.

Furthermore, we have created a public dashboard offering a real time update of all transactions taking place in Pylon Network's blockchain demo, which can be accessed here.

  • Username: community
  • Password: demo_community

Last but not least, please note that all data uploaded on Pylon Network's Neutral Data Hub, are used for demonstration purposes only. The uploaded data are encrypted and are not accessible by anyone else (including the Pylon team), other than you.